New Cullen 750W 48V 15AH hydraulic Cut Off Brake Lever 27.5×2.1 Rim


Wheel Size: 27.5 x 2.1
Bike Type:E-Mountain Bike
Material:Aluminium Alloy
Number of Speeds: 7 Speed
Colour: Blue
Department:Unisex Adult
Brake Type:E-Brake
Suspension Type:Front
Motor Type:Rear Hub Motor
Motor Power:750W
Frame Size:19 inch



750W 48V 15AH Hydraulic Cut Off Brake Levers 27.5×2.1 Rim with Pedal Assist


Handle bar is adjustable.

*You can also ride the bike with pedal assist so you can save battery to get more range

This motor power can support heavy weight.

21 Speed Gear

This ebike is best price and best quality

750w high torque brushless electric motor

 Premium LCD display

Front and Rear hydraulic E-brake Cutoff Brake Levers

Battery 48v 15ah Li-ion

 Max speed without pedaling

Thumb throttle fitted, no pedaling required and have pedal assist.

Package included

1 Bike

1 Battery

1 Charge

The AU regulations dictate that a bike must not exceed the rated power of 250W to be road-legal!

So please connecting the Road-legal Switch Wire and disconnect the PAS on Road.

750W is for private property only.

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